Today's Artistry Monday features Nikki Crosato who is an abstract artist from our very own Toronto! Nikki adopted her passion of art through years of dancing, which allowed her to develop an artistic viewpoint of contriving silhouettes of spirituality and movements. The water and acrylic colours in Nikki's work represent beauty and design.

Nikki's art reminds us of the Trifecta collection that is launching this APRIL the 15th, which is actually this upcoming Wednesday! Nikki's artwork would look stunning on a white base one piece with back cutouts and full coverage bottoms. This way the entire artwork can be captured on the bathing suit. 

Just a reminder that the main artpiece by Crystal Fhang Ban from the Trifecta collection can be found on the Winifred Taylor blog at Also the bathing suits, come in an all black and all white. Don't forget we are launching the collection this Wednesday the 15th!