Hey, my beautiful readers! This week's Artistry Monday features a graffiti-style artist named DEFER, whose work is loved here at Winifred Taylor. With the boss in LA, we are excited that she has introduced to us a new artist from Lala land. Defer's art canvas is the world! His art is done on walls, floors, ceilings and inside buildings! There is honestly no limit to where he can and will paint. 

I personally love the way he combines self-portraits and graffiti art to create something gorgeous, but with an edge! There is no doubt that this art will look good on a Winifred Taylor bathing suit! There are unique patterns in each painting that is just dying to be worn and shown off to the public! 

I can't even begin to explain the struggle it was to find DEFER's website and ultimately failing in the end. Nonetheless I wasn't going to disappoint, which is why I found his Facebook and will include the link for everyone to go and check more of his artwork. Enjoy, !