Hey everyone! I apologize for the late post! All I can say for myself is that the internet likes to play games that aren't fun. Today's Artistry monday features an amazing Toronto artist named Robyn Thomas. I was in the mood for looking at some collage pieces and I was not disappointed when I stumbled upon Robyn's work. Clearly you can see the effort and time that was put in to create this masterpiece! This piece is called Flare, simply because it was created from pages of Flare Magazine. Robyn not only has amazing talent but great taste in her magazine choices too. Robyn likes experimenting with both sculpture and fibre and her artwork is featured in well known galleries such as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and New York. 

I think it would be beautiful if we were to make a bathing suit with 3-D features. Possible with the same flare that we see in Robyn's artwork. 

Thanks for reading and see you all next Artistry Monday.