Hey, everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Monday today with the help of a cup of coffee or whichever energy booster you use to make you perky! Today's Artistry Monday features a Canadian-born artist who's work is just simply colourful and will surely make you feel some good vibes.  Karen Colangelo was born in Mississauga. Karen uses a unique technique to blend all her vibrant colours together with the use of acrylics. Karen has been self-taught since she started doing art, which I think is amazing. She was literally born to create masterpieces with her hands. Karen has her work displayed in galleries across Canada and also sells her work to clients within the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry.  

I think Karen's Artwork would look amazing on some beach accessories, such as a wide beach tote or a pair of stylish sunglasses.'

Thanks for reading today's Artistry Monday and until next time, stay amazing !