Hey everyone! I hope you are doing good this fine Artistry Monday. The one and only Desiree D'Aguiar sent me a link to a website that showcased several artists that I began to research. Upon my search, I found Lara Scolari who is an Australian artist. Her artwork just fills you with positivity. The featured artwork is from her Tingle series and it is giving me some next dimension realness. Lara used pastels to create these masterpieces and wouldn't you love to see this style of art on some bathing suits. Perhaps some Winifred Taylor bathing suits? 

Just so you know the second piece is called jellybean for all you candy lovers out there! The bright colours  will allow you stand out on the beach, so you can show off the bathing suit and let everyone know that you can work it! 

Thanks for reading, and see you all next Artistry Monday!