2017 and beyond

2016 wasn't my year... but in retrospect, it didn't seem to be anyone's year. Don't get me wrong, there were really positive points. And I had the opportunity to learn a lot of lessons, mainly, positive thoughts breed positive outcomes... somewhere along the line I stopped doing that in the midst of shooting here and gathering there. This year, I reached my breaking point. I questioned everything around myself, my business, my friendships, relationships, my goals even my decision making skills. All in all I realized took my crown off, and left it underneath a pile of fabric, debt and unhappiness. 

I was over thinking and under producing. 

I needed silence.

I temporarily deleted my instagram, deleted tumblr and decided it's time to go back to the drawing board and really think things through, slowly and thoughtfully. I dabbled with name changes and other things, honestly... This year will be a good year of gradual intentional changes.

Winifred TaylorComment