Artistry Mondays: Anser

Because Winifred Taylor is an art based brand, we're always on the prowl for new artists to inspire our next collection thus, we created "Artistry Mondays". Every Monday, we will showcase an artist that caught our eye, and display some of their work on our site. 

The first artist is: 


 ANSER Sighting: Queen & Bay

ANSER Sighting: Queen & Bay

After seeing ANSER on Tumblr, I was excited to find out he was not only Canadian, but from Toronto! In a 2009 interview with, the long time artist spoke about sketching the "Painted Lady" to include the public into the sometimes elitist graffiti culture. 

This year February - March, he had a show called "Crowded Kingdom" and also dabbled in fashion with a sold out t-shirt line. He also has sculptures and light installations. 

Seeing his art online was one thing; after seeing it on Queen and University I did a double take and had to snap a shot, it's striking in person. Unless I find one of his free canvases around the city, I'll stalk his Instagram for his #AffordableFriday hashtag.

Find ANSER on Tumblr|Instagram|T-Shirts