Hey artist enthusiasts! I apologize for leaving you hanging last Artistry Monday, but today is a new day so let's enjoy Tania Aliis's beautiful abstract art. Who, of course, is today's featured artist! Tania is giving us some deep sea, kaleidoscope, Little Mermaid realness in her artwork! Kidding about the Little Mermaid, but regardless her featured art is stunning and makes me feel happy, due to the colors just meshing so perfectly together! Unique patterns and shapes are exhibited in Tania's featured artwork and if you stare it long enough I bet you will be taken on a colorful journey! 

We at Winifred Taylor can picture Tania's artwork in a new summer collection! Specifically on a beach dress coverup, paired with black or white sunglasses and a brown fedora to "top" it off!

Thanks for reading and keep on smiling!